We have different cancellation policies depending on whether you paid for parking in advance or on arrival at a car park. If you have driven to a car park and paid on the spot, please see the ‘Drive-up cancellation policy’ below. All bookings made in advance are covered by the ‘Pre-booked parking cancellation policy’.

Pre-booked parking cancellation policy

For bookings made in advance, the amount we can refund if you cancel depends on two things: the length of the booking, and when you make the cancellation request.

If the space owner cancels, the driver will always receive a full refund.

Short-term booking

Defined as 1 day or less in length (see how we calculate a day below)

Before booking starts:

Refund minus 2 days and can only be cancelled when you are logged on to your account.

After booking starts:

No refund

Medium-term booking

Defined as 2-7 days in length

Before booking starts:

Refund minus 4 day

After booking starts:

Refund for remainder of booking minus 3 day

Long-term booking

Defined as 8+ days in length

Before booking starts:

Refund minus 4 days

After booking starts:

Refund for remainder of booking minus 4 days

The rules

Complaints must be raised with Event Support Team within 24 hours after the booking starts.

A booking is officially cancelled once we approve the cancellation.

Event Support Team will mediate when necessary and has the final say in all disputes.

What constitutes a Event Support Team day?

Our 'days' are calculated by a calendar day that resets at 5am. We do this to account for drivers who might be parking for evening events.

If your booking extends beyond 5am, you will be charged for two days, even if the booking spans less than 24 hours.

For example:

  • 7.00pm 1st January - 2.00am 2nd January = one day.

  • 7.00pm 1st January - 8.00am 2nd January = two days.

Drive-up cancellation policy

For payments made on the spot in car parks, we operate a no refund policy - as the parking session is already underway once you have paid.

If you feel you have been charged unfairly, please contact info@estuk.co.uk.com with the location ID, number plate, amount paid and details of the circumstances.